Brandon Ray is an expert with trees and is a certified arborist with many years of experiece.   Brandon and his crew offers expert tree services for most parts of western North Carolina.  Our services include: tree maintenance, tree trimming, stump removal & grinding, view clearing, and we can determine the health of a tree that will dictate whether there is a dangerous limb that needs to be removed.  Ray's Tree Service is also very experienced with landscaping, landscape design and landscape maintenance.  When you hire Brandon Ray's Tree Service, you'll quickly see that he understands the importance of proper tree care and that he has the professionalism to do the job right and at the first time around.

We offer free estimates because we want you to know what your tree project will cost upfront and in a manner so that there will be no hidden surprises.  Call Brandon today for a free no-obligation quote.  We'll make a quick visit to your home or business to assess your needs and then we'll provide you with your personal quote in writing.  Give us a call at 828-467-1113 .

The cost for removing a diseased, dead, or hazardous tree prior to it causing harm & damage to you and your home is well worth it when you consider the money that you will save by avoiding tragedy.  And oh yes; Ray's Tree Sercice is fully insured.

Trees may become weakened by age, disease, pests, or storm damage. They begin to rot from the inside out and look perfectly healthy in the beginning stages of decay. Such a hazardous tree can break apart, split, or fall down in an instant. If you have questions about whether or not to remove a tree on your property, meet wiyh Brandon as a professionally certified arborist proceeding with the highest standards of safety. If a tree needs to be removed, we take into account the size of the tree, location, and accessibility to determine what equipment we will need in order to safely remove the tree.


Ray's Tree Service

Ray's Tree Service

Brandon Ray
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